For the More Sports Inclined

Natural Swimming Pool

In Susice (5 km from Hradek), you can swim in a natural swimming pool on the Otava River – Na Fufernach, or at the outdoor public swimming pool. You can also take a dip in the Busek pond in the village of Velhartice, located 10 km from Hradek, or at the public swimming pool in Kolinec.


Susice, 5 km away

Horažďovice, 21 km away

Water Sports on the Otava River

Otava River originates at the confluence of the mountain streams Kremelna and Vydra, at a place called Cenkova Pila. The river flows into Susice, then through Horazdovice and Strakonice, and flows into the Vltava River under Zvikov Castle. The length of the river is almost 113 km.


The Sumava Mountains and its surroundings are interwoven with a dense network of cycling routes. Worth mentioning is the Otava cycling route, which starts at Modrava, runs along the Vydra river and passes through the town of Susice, Horazdovice, Strakonice, and Pisek, and ends in the village of Zvikovske Podhradi. The entire route is about 151 km long.

The part of the route that runs from Susice from the Santos Island to the bridge at Patecek and further along the right bank of the Otava river to the village of Dlouha Ves is often used as an in-line skating trail. The trail goes through the woods and is about 3 km long.

Adrenaline Sports and Climbing Center

Offpark is the largest outdoor center in Sumava. It offers a rope climbing park amongst the trees for adults and children, all-terrain scooters, rafting, kayaking, a climbing wall, bouncy shoes, in-line skating, helicopter or balloon rides, and many other activities.