Walking Trails Around Hradek

In order for the gentry to enjoy carriage rides in nature, the countryside immediately surrounding the castle was cultivated. The surface area of the pond right outside of the castle was already part of the adjacent English park, and can be reached by an ancient alley. The gazebo where the countess used to like to sit has been restored in recent years, as well as the pathway leading to it. This place also has its secrets. According to legend, a tragedy happened here during the Thirty Years War when horses became frightened and the carriage with the coachman they were pulling fell into the pond and disappeared, never to be found again. In memory of this tragic event, the place is called Blud (delusion). One of the many interesting things about this place is a stone of uncertain origin, probably a remnant of an equestrian statue.

If we walk a little further, we reach the Chapel of St. Anna on top of a sunny hill, with beautiful views of Hradek and, if visibility is good, distant Kasperk Castle can been seen as well.

Mysterious Svatobor Hill rises above Hradek, and is considered a forewarning of the rough, wild, and untamed Sumava Mountains. The trail from the castle to Svatobor Hill is called the „Princess Trail“. She used to ride here to sit on her stone bench and look down on the countryside below. Under the peak of the hill is a small village called Odolenov, named after the mythical pagan priestess Vodolenka. She was buried here in ancient times, and next to her burial mound miraculously sprang a spring with healing water. In the 19th century a famous spa was built here.

There are four walking trails around the village of Hradek, with a total length of 13.1 km. They are marked with colored arrows and equipped with information display boards that inform passersby of local points of interest. During the journey you can relax on wooden benches or under covered resting places. The starting point of the trails is located in front of Hradek Castle.

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