Hradek Castle Wellness

Forget everyday worries and come relax and pamper yourself!

Hradek Castle Wellness continues the tradition of the forgotten water and air spa in the nearby village of Odolenov, on the hillside of Svatobor Hill.

The glassed-in swimming pool is full of light with a beautiful view of the pond. It offers a unique place to relax in pleasantly warm water, has a counter-current, massaging waterspouts, and jets. The wellness area includes a Sauna World with four types of saunas. We also offer a wide variety of massages, baths, wraps, and full-body rituals.

We have carefully selected quality cosmetics for you. Pamper yourself with natural herbal cosmetics made by the Czech company Nobilis Tilia.

We will be more than happy to issue a gift voucher for all our spa treatments.

The Castle Wellness area has limited operating hours, we therefore reserve the right to determine in advance the dates and times of your treatments.

In case you don’t show for a treatment booked in advance, any financial or other compensation will not be provided. If you cancel your order treatment on the same day, we will forced to charge you a full price.

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