Baths with Chromotherapy


Time in Minutes*

Price in CZK Notice
Bubble Bath with the Aroma of Your Choice 30 260  

Carbonated Bath

30 340  
Peat Pulp Bath 30 360  not recommended in the summer

* Bath: 15-20 minutes, dry wrap and relaxing on a bed for 10 minutes

Bubble Bath with the Aroma of Your Choice

Enjoy a bath in water temperatures of 37 - 38 ° C, which have a calming and refreshing effect. Air bubbles gently massage the skin and improve blood circulation and overall relaxation. It relaxes muscles and mental stress, supports function of the heart and promotes overall blood circulation. It also helps with back pain, the spine, and joints, and help with sleep disorders and headaches. Herbal essences of lemon balm, lavender and wildflowers enhance the effects of bubble baths.

Warning: This bath is not suitable for people with open wounds and/or acute infections.

Carbonated Bath

Carbonated baths have heated waters from 28 - 34 ° C. As soon as you sit in the bathtub your body gets wrapped in warm bubbles, and carbon dioxide is absorbed through the skin. This bath has positive effects on the heart and kidneys. Consecutive use of carbonated baths also has anti-stress effects, supports blood circulation in the skin, muscles, organs, glands, and the brain by oxygenating the blood. It also strengthens the body, the immune system, and the body's self-healing ability.

Warning: This bath is not suitable for people suffering from heart problems, fevers, and infectious diseases.

Peat Pulp Bath

This bath is suitable for people suffering from chronic rheumatic diseases, arthritis, and muscle contractures. Peat has antipruritic, antibacterial, regenerating, and strong astringent and firming effects.

Warning: This bath is not suitable for people with heart problems, open wounds, acute urinary tract infections, and pregnant women.

Our wellness treatments are only available when ordered at least two days in advance.