Time in Minutes

Price in CZK Notice

Classic Massage - Back and Neck

30 450  

Classic Massage - Legs

40 500  

Classic Massage

60 870  

Cupping Therapy Massage - Back

50 550  

Hot Stone Massage – Back

30 500 not recommended in the summer

Hot Stone Massage 

50 900 not recommended in the summer

Aromatherapy Massage 

60 900  

Lavender-coconut Peeling

40 440  


Brief information on some of our massages

Hot Stone Massage

The aim of this massage is absolute relaxation. Stones are warmed in a water bath of up to 55 ° C and then put on the body. The warmed lava stones accumulate heat, which transmits into your body. Energetic blocks are removed, your energy comes back and stress is relieved. Hot stone massage also improves both blood circulation and lymphatic system activity.

Aromatherapy Massage

This massage has relaxing and restorative effects, stimulates blood circulation, relieves muscle tension, removes stress, and improves sleep. Special essential oils and aromatic essences are used during the massage, enhancing its effectiveness. It is a pleasant, relaxing, and restorative massage.

Cupping Therapy with Classic Massage

A highly respected ancient Chinese method known for over 3,000 years. Flasks are applied to specified places on the body or used to massage. This technique is one of the most effective for musculoskeletal problems, as well as the removal of back pain, support of the function of internal organs and the lymphatic system, and improvement of the function of respiratory and inflammatory processes. As the air inside the cup cools, it creates a vacuum. This causes the skin to rise and redden as blood vessels expand. The cup is generally left in place for five to 10 minutes. 

Our wellness treatments are only available when ordered at least two days in advance.