Our luxurious rituals combine various wellness treatments to promote rest and relaxation.

Let your body be pampered!


Time in Minutes

Price in CZK

Harmonizing Ritual Roses & Chocolate


1 250

Lavender ritual with milk donkey


1 250

Anti-Stress Ritual Vanilla & Coconut


1 400


Harmonizing Ritual Roses and Chocolate

Pamper yourself with this unique treatment that gives you deep, calming and healing energy and elevates you above your everyday worries. This treatment includes a relaxing bath with rose essential oils of Damascus roses, whose unique fragrance harmonizes and elevates the spirit, alleviates feelings of sorrow, melancholy, fear and anxiety. Exclusive organic massage with chocolate balm calms even the most overloaded minds, and leaves the skin saturated with sensual fragrances and perfectly soft, supple and hydrated. The ritual is completed with a fragrant body wrap of shea and cocoa butter, whose delicate aromas of essential oils of orange flower (neroli), which the wrap contains, has significant calming effects on the psyche, and also enhances and improves the spirit.

Anti-Stress Ritual Vanilla and Coconut

This intensive body treatment is specially made for rebalancing the mind and soul. It relieves mental overload and anxiety, reduces physical and mental stress, and helps the body get rid of pain related to stress. As such, it is recommended for extreme mental stress. This ritual begins with a whole body coconut peel with gardenia, followed by a relaxing aromatherapy massage with warm coconut oil and vanilla. Vanilla has anti-stress effects, awakens new desires, sensuality and creativity, and inspires. It is also possible to use its smell to allay fears of new emotional experiences and also brings a sense of security and stability. Coconut oil moisturises and nourishes our delicate skin, and its aroma is perfectly linked with vanilla tones. This treatment rejuvenates and leaves skin elastic, glowing, and nourished. The final coconut wrap leaves your skin velvety soft long after the ritual is over.

Our wellness treatments are only available when ordered at least two days in advance.