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Peat Pulp Wrap - Back



not recommended in the summer

Paraffin wraps - Hand




Nourishing Wrap – Whole Body







Anti-cellulite Wrap with Massage




*The time mentioned includes the application process.

Peat Pulp Wrap

Peat pulp wrap is one of the most respected forms of heat therapy that relaxes muscle contractions, detoxifies, and pleasantly relaxes the body. It is applied in the form of disposable applications containing a large number of organic and mineral substances which, with the help of thermal support, enter our body. Peat pulp also has a wholesome effect on skin.

Warning: Peat pulp wraps are not suitable for people suffering from fever, inflammations, hypersensitivity to heat, swelling, open wounds, and pregnant women.

Nourishing Wrap

Supports blood circulation and accelerates our metabolism, contains minerals, trace elements, vitamins, and essential fatty acids.

Anti-cellulite Wrap with Massage

Natural essential and vegetable oils in aromatherapy preparations are effective helpers in troubleshooting problems with cellulite and the feeling of heavy legs. Essential oils are focused on regeneration at the cellular level and improving the flow of blood and lymph, whereas virgin vegetable oils give the skin hydration restore her suppleness and elasticity. Massage of the lower limbs and problematic areas along with cinnamon thermo-wrap fight against fat pads, rounded shapes, cellulite and skin with loss of elasticity. Treatment is not recommended for clients with varicose veins, pregnant women and persons with hypersensitivity to heat and cinnamon.

Our wellness treatments are only available when ordered at least two days in advance.