Rules and Regulations of Accommodation

1. Based upon the contract of accommodation, the hotel provides adequate services for the specified class of the hotel.

2. After arriving at the hotel, the guest has to prove his/her identity with a valid proof of identity (identity card or passport). Only persons 18 years of age or older can be accommodated; persons under 18 years of age will be accommodated only when accompanied by a legal guardian. This rule is not applicable to organized sports or other leisure activities. Agreements are a matter of individual consideration by the manager/owner of the hotel.

3. In specific cases, the hotel reserves the right to offer an alternate type of accommodation other than the one originally ordered; this, however, must not differ significantly from the type of accommodation originally reserved.

4. The hotel is entitled to claim advance payment.

5. If not agreed otherwise, the time of arrival and check-in is set between 14:00 and 20:00.

6. If not agreed otherwise, rooms are reserved until 18:00.

7. The guest uses the room for the period he/she arranged with the hotel. If the accommodation period wasn’t agreed on previously, the guest has to check-out by 11:00 at the latest, clear the room and return the key(s) to the front desk. The hotel reserves the right to demand payment for exceeding the arranged check-out period by charging a fee of 200 CZK/hour.

8. In case a guest wishes to extend his/her stay but the room is reserved for other guests, the hotel may offer another room.

9. The guest is obliged to pay the prices in accordance with his/her order or the price list. In case of extension of the stay, extra nights are charged in accordance with the current price list.

10. The hotel can only warrant money and valuables which were put into its custody against the confirmation bill.

11. Visitors of guests can only be accepted in the hotel lounge. Accepting visitors in the rooms is prohibited.

12. We ask all hotel guests not to deliberately move appliances and/or interfere with the electrical network in the rooms.

13. For security reasons, the operation of a guests own appliances is prohibited. Exceptions to this rule are electric appliances for personal hygiene (i.e. electric shavers), radio receiver, and personal computer. The guest is liable for all damages caused by operating them. Hot combs and straightening irons are not to be placed on the furniture!

14. All rooms and all other interior premises of the hotel are strictly non-smoking. In case the hotel discovers a breach of this rule, the guest will be charged a fine of 2,000 CZK.

15. It is strictly prohibited to make an open fire, to set off any types of pyrotechnics, drug abuse, hanging and/or laying out any items off of the windows, and storing perishable food inside as well as the outside of the hotel grounds.

16. The guest is liable for all damages he/she causes on the hotel’s property and is obliged to report them to the front desk immediately. In case any damage caused by the guest is discovered, the hotel reserves the right to demand compensation.

17. Bringing sports equipment and other sports items (skis, sledges, bicycles) into the room is prohibited; a specific place is reserved for them in the hotel.

18. When leaving the room, the guest is obliged to turn off the water taps, lights, TV set, and shut the windows.

19. Should the guest leave/enter the hotel during night hours when the front desk is closed, he/she is obliged to turn off the lights and lock the building and outer gates.

20. No animals are permitted to enter and/or stay inside the hotels premises.

21. We kindly ask guests to keep quiet hours between 22:00 and 7:00 and not disturb others. During this period, the loud use of radio or television receivers or making loud noises is prohibited. In case a guest seriously disturbs others during quiet hours, the hotel keeper is entitled to immediately terminate the guest’s stay in the hotel. Termination based on this ground does not constitute any refund entitlements.

22. Making video recordings is permitted only with prior consent from hotel management or the front desk.

23. Children are not permitted to be left unsupervised neither in the room nor on other hotel’s premises. Parents or legal guardians are responsible for their children’s safety.

24. Guests are obliged to abide by these rules and regulations. In case a guest breaches this code in any way, the accommodation facility is entitled to withdraw from the contract of accommodation before the reserved length of stay; this does not constitute any refund entitlements.

25.  The hotel reserves the right to inform the guest about the loss of room facilities or equipment within 24 hours of his / her departure and request payment from the guest. A record will be made about this, confirmed by two subjects (receptionist and maid).

This code comes into force on January 1st, 2011 and applies to all accommodated persons. Update on December 1st, 2019.

We thank you for abiding by these rules and regulaions and wish you a pleasant stay.

Zámek Hrádek, s.r.o.